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Guittard A'Peels Melt n' Mold Dark Chocolate Compounds are an extremely easy-to-use compound/confectionery coating chocolate used for all kinds of modeling, melting uses, enrobing and other dipping. Compound coating chocolates use a hydrogenated palm kernel oil as opposed to cocoa butter. This allows for the chocolate to NOT require tempering prior to use. They can be melted using a double boiler, put in a glass bowl in a microwave as well as several other methods.


Guittard A'Peels Melt n' Mold A'Peels work great for working with chocolate molds of all kinds, caramel apples, covered pretzels, all forms of cake balls, dipped bananas, strawberries and other fruits.



Ingredients:  Sugar, palm kernel and partially hydrogenated palm oils, cocoa, (processed with potassium carbonate), nonfat milk, sorbitan monostearate and soya lecithin emulsifiers,pure vanilla.

Allergins: Milk & Soy 


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