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Make health and happiness last longer with the Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber. No longer worry about fruits and vegetables going bad right away, thanks to BluApple. The included packets are designed to absorb ethylene gas that makes your food ripen faster, preventing you from fully enjoying them. The Bluapple shell is designed to allow proper airflow around the absorbent packets, and keep them from getting wet, so that they work better, and last up to 3 months. Simply place store the Bluapple in your vegetable drawer or fruit bowl for fruits and veggies that last longer. With this cute and colorful Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber, your apples and oranges will last longer so you can eat more and throw away less.


  • Keep produce fresher longer
  • Includes two gas ethylene absorbant packet and two Bluapples
  • Bluapples shell allows proper airflow around absorbent packet and prevents it from soaking up water
  • Each packets lasts up to and over 3 months
  • Refill Packets available
  • Instruction sheet with strategies for keeping produce fresh
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